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3 Tips for Talking to a Child About the Death of a Loved One September 30, 2020

Downtown Newark, Newark
3 Tips for Talking to a Child About the Death of a Loved One, Newark, Ohio


How to Talk to a Child About Death

1. Be Honest


2. Promote Their Memory

funeral servicesIf your child was close to the deceased, it may be their first real experience with grief. While you should acknowledge and reinforce their feelings, you should also explain to your child that cherishing their memories will help ease the loss.

For example, talk about the aspects you both loved about the deceased, as well as why you enjoyed being around them. Put up some pictures in your home and encourage your child to write down memories of the person. This will help them heal and feel better. 

3. Discuss the Funeral 

Funeral services can be a bright light of hope after a loss. They bring family and friends together to remember the deceased loved one and can further the healing process for your child. Explain all of this beforehand, and see if your child would like to participate in the funeral services. However, you shouldn’t force them to do anything that will make them uncomfortable because everyone processes grief differently. For example, making them speak in front of a group about their loved one may be significantly challenging. Let them be as involved as they want to be.


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