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The Importance of Leaving the AC on During the Hawaii Shutdown September 22, 2020

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The Importance of Leaving the AC on During the Hawaii Shutdown, Honolulu, Hawaii

On August 27, Hawaii reinstated business shutdowns to reduce the spike in COVID-19 cases. While this is crucial for the state population and its health care systems, it was unfortunate for local businesses that decided to turn off their commercial air conditioning systems. Here’s why you should leave your system on throughout the current shutdown.

Why You Shouldn’t Shut Off Your HVAC System

Stores in Waikiki, Waikele, and throughout Oahu turned off their commercial air conditioning systems once they knew customers would no longer be allowed in their shops. This was done to save money on their electricity bills, as there was no need to cool a vacant space. However, with the island’s humidity, turning off HVAC systems indefinitely is never a good idea.

commercial air conditioningAfter weeks of leaving their air conditioning off for the last shutdown, many stores experienced mold growth. This doesn’t only affect restaurants, grocery stores, and other commercial properties with perishable items—mold can also ruin inventory like shoes, bags, and clothing. If the mold permeates the walls, ceiling, or floors, it can even depreciate the value of a commercial property and create the need for expensive repairs.

How You Should Use It

If you’re still hoping to save money, you don’t need to risk mold growth by powering off your system completely. Instead, set your HVAC system to “auto” so it turns on and off by itself to maintain a reasonable temperature. To avoid mold growth, the thermostat should sit around 76 degrees during the shutdown. 


If you have additional questions about shutdown protocol for your commercial air conditioning system, reach out to Aloha State Services in Honolulu. The company’s president, Mark, has 46 years of experience in the industry and provides service for ACs and refrigeration equipment. Whether you need repairs for your walk-in freezer or a new air conditioning installation, you can rely on his seasoned team to improve your place of work. Head to their website for more information on their capabilities, or call (808) 832-2622 to schedule an appointment.

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