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Don't Pay For Beauty With Pain! Paula Zdovc Salon Makes Brazilian Waxes Easy October 31, 2013

Upper East Side, Manhattan
Don't Pay For Beauty With Pain! Paula Zdovc Salon Makes Brazilian Waxes Easy, Manhattan, New York

There is something about the thought of hot wax and a fast sweeping motion that strikes fear in the hearts of women everywhere. Find one woman who actually looks forward to getting a Brazilian wax and you have found one in a million. It’s completely understandable why waxing is so terrifying for women. You are standing naked in front of a complete stranger while hot wax is applied to the most sensitive part of your body, only to be stripped away in what will inevitably be a very painful experience.

So, what’s a girl to do if she wants fresh, smooth skin and the confidence that comes along with getting a Brazilian wax?

Paula Zdovc Salon has taken a new approach to what a Brazilian wax should be like. The NYC salon uses the Nufree Nudesse “Waxing” System proven to be the best form of liquid hair removal by aestheticians for the last 30 years. It is an anti-microbial, wax-free botanical system that is pain-free, gentle, and most importantly effective.

Could you imagine being hair free without the pain and mess that comes along with the standard wax? With the Nufree System you don’t have to worry about any wax or animal products. The liquid never dries and never evaporates, which means it doesn’t adhere to your skin, but rather to the hair alone. After applying the liquid to the area it removes the hair shaft and bulb. This eliminates any ingrown hairs or breakage, since there is no stretching or tearing of the skin. Better yet, women who have tried this innovative “waxing” system find it to be 75% less painful than regular waxing.

At the NYC salon women can receive both full body and eyebrow waxing, while waxing above the waist is available to men.

After the waxing procedure the aesthetician will apply Finipil to the area, an antibacterial and antimicrobial topical agent. This is 99.9% effective in destroying common bacteria such as Staph aureus, Pseudomonas, E. coli, or aeruginosa. The agent removes fungus and yeast, while cooling, shrinking, swelling, and reduces the chance of ingrown hairs.

Live comfortably and hair free with the new approach to a Brazilian wax at Paula Zdovc Salon. Beauty and pain don’t always have to come hand-in-hand.

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