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A Guide to Choosing the Right Basketball November 2, 2020

Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH
A Guide to Choosing the Right Basketball, Cincinnati, Ohio

If your high school-age child is expressing an interest in basketball, finding the right accessories is crucial. This is especially important when it comes to choosing a basketball. Ball sizes vary based on a player’s age, which means your child has the best chance of success when using the right basketball. This guide will help you find the perfect accessories when paying a visit to your local sporting goods store

Finding the Correct Size Based on Your Age

Ball sizes can be broken down by age as well as gender. The younger the child, the smaller the circumference and weight of the ball. For example, kids ranging from age five to eight are best served by a size four ball, which has a circumference of 25.5 inches and a weight of 14 oz.

Upon entering high school, most players will have advanced to size six balls, which usually accommodate boys aged 12 through 14, and girls aged 12 and up. While size six balls are 28.5 inches in circumference and weigh 20 oz., size seven balls are 29.5 inches and weigh 22 oz. These balls are recommended for boys aged 15 and older. 

Differentiating Between Indoor & Outdoor Balls

sporting goods storeAge and gender aren’t the only factors to consider when shopping for a ball for teenaged athletes. There are also differences between indoor and outdoor balls when it comes to the materials they’re made from. Outdoor basketballs are made from rubber, which acts as a shock absorber when the ball makes contact with the concrete. 

Conversely, indoor balls are made from leather. A genuine leather basketball will need to be broken in for players to retain the proper grip. Synthetic leather indoor balls are a bit more forgiving when it comes to grip, as they don’t need to be broken in. It’s usually a good idea to buy both an indoor and outdoor ball for players so they can practice as much as possible. 


Now that you understand the difference between basketballs, the next step is to find a quality sporting goods store to make your purchase. In Cincinnati, Siefert's Sports Center has served local athletes since 1979. Founder Art Siefert is as passionate about sports as his customers, as he was a member of the Cincinnati Reds for eight years. In addition to their amazing selection of athletic supplies, they also offer customizable team attire, including jerseys, caps, helmets, and more. Take a look at some of the products offered by this sporting goods store by visiting the website. You can also call (513) 662-1520 for more information. 

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