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4 Healthy Sweet Treats for Kids Recommended By Pediatric Dentists October 15, 2020

Pearl City, Ewa
4 Healthy Sweet Treats for Kids Recommended By Pediatric Dentists, Ewa, Hawaii

Avoiding sugary snacks is important to children’s dental care at any age, especially for children with developing teeth. Too much sugar can cause cavities and may affect how permanent teeth erupt. Here are a few healthier pediatric dentist recommended alternatives to offer your youngster.

4 Sweet Snacks That Won’t Harm Teeth

1. Greek Yogurt

Serve your little one plain Greek yogurt. This treat will help them avoid cavities because it’s naturally sweet but doesn’t contain as much sugar or calories as standard varieties. To add pizzazz to the snack, mix it with chopped fruit or honey. You can also put the yogurt in a mold and freeze it to create a fun, chilly treat for your child.

2. Apples

cavityThis fruit is fibrous, so eating it will naturally scrape plaque from their teeth. The fibrous bites will also neutralize decay-causing acids by promoting saliva production. Saliva contains enzymes that help protect teeth from harmful acids that decay the protective enamel. To make the snack more appealing, add creamy peanut butter to the slices or peel the skin so that it looks like a rabbit.

3. Cheese

If your youngster isn’t lactose intolerant, offer them string cheese or a few slices of their favorite variety. Cheese contains high amounts of calcium, which is needed to fortify the teeth and enamel. Additionally, milk-based dairy products will help neutralize any lingering acids that erode teeth and cause cavities.

4. Berries

Many artificial sweets contain strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry flavorings, so offer your child real fruit for a healthier way to satisfy their sugar cravings. Freeze berries in juice to make healthy frozen snacks or add them to smoothies, cereal, and oatmeal.


If you want to help your little one maintain a healthier smile, take them to Dentistry For Kids in Pearl City, HI. These professionals offer dental care services for children by using smaller tools to perform cleanings and exams. Call (808) 486-8881 to make an appointment, then head to their website to get more information about the visit.

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