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3 Situations When Landlords Should Change Door Locks September 22, 2020

Kenvil, Morris County
3 Situations When Landlords Should Change Door Locks, Kenvil, New Jersey

Whether you’re renting out a home or an apartment complex, helping maintain the security of the property is an absolute must for landlords. Rental property security often starts with the door locks. However, the nature of managing a rental property means you will likely need to change locks more often. Here’s what you should know.

 When Should You Change the Door Locks on Rental Properties?

1. Wear & Tear

As with other residential properties, a rental property could be the target of a break-in. Accidental damage could also occur to the lock due to improper use or the wear and tear that comes with age. Any damage to the lock compromises the security of the property. If your tenant reports an issue, take action to repair and rekey the door as soon as possible.

2. New Tenants

door locksAny time your current tenants move out, it is a good idea to change the locks. While you may request that tenants return their keys before moving out, you have no guarantee that they didn’t make extra copies. The tenants, their neighbors, or family members could still have these spare keys. Changing the locks will ensure that your old tenants don’t return without your permission.

3. Making an Upgrade

Many landlords are opting for modern lock installations to provide a more convenient security solution. Access control systems that rely on an access card or a keypad code are easier for both tenants and landlords. You don’t have to worry about unauthorized copies of keys being made, and access codes can be changed digitally as soon as old tenants move out. A lost access card can even have its permissions terminated remotely to avoid security breaches.


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