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5 Ways to Prepare for Your First Spray Tan October 27, 2020

5 Ways to Prepare for Your First Spray Tan, Stillwater, Oklahoma

spray tan can give your skin an even, bronzed glow. However, if you have never had one before, you might be wondering what to expect from the experience. The guide below offers tips for how to prepare.

What Happens at Your First Spray Tan Session?

1. Remove Skin Products

Arrive at your appointment free of makeup, deodorant, and lotions, since these form a barrier that will prevent your skin from fully absorbing the spray tan formula. Many tanning salons offer wipes to help with this. However, doing so earlier can save time.

2. Undress

Your technician will show you to a room where you can take off your clothes, including your jewelry. You can keep your panties. However, a thong may be preferable so that as much of your skin can be tanned as possible. Choose a pair you are not attached to in case the formula stains the fabric. Also, wear a hair cap, but keep your ears free.

3. Decide Depth

spray tanThe tanning therapist will ask you how deep of a color you want. Keep in mind that the session's effects will fade with time. Going a shade darker may not give you your ideal results right away, but will help you get the look you want within a few days or weeks. Your tan will also last longer overall. Bring photo references if you have them. 

4. Close Your Eyes

While each person approaches it differently, most tanning professionals will start from the top down, beginning with the face. Breathe in deeply and close your eyes. Be ready for a chilly sensation. Listen to their instructions on how to stand and when and how to lift your limbs. They will likely go over your body two times to ensure thorough coverage.

5. Practice Aftercare

When you are fully dry, you can get dressed again. Bring loose-fitting clothes to wear that are preferably dark in color in case some of the spray tan rubs off. You might also smell slightly of the tanning formula.

After about six hours, you can shower, but avoid lingering in the water for too long as this can fade your results prematurely. Avoid sweating if you can since perspiration can lead to streaks.


When you are ready to book your spray tan appointment in Stillwater, OK, call Touch of Bronze Tanning Salon. The multilevel tanning center offers various tanning beds and top-notch spray tanning services to help you get the bronze tone you desire. Their helpful team ensures you feel comfortable at every stage and can answer any questions you have about the process before, during, and after. Call (405) 533-1826 to schedule your first tan for free. Visit them online for their current specials.

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