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3 Common Myths About Professional Movers October 21, 2020

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3 Common Myths About Professional Movers, Cincinnati, Ohio

When you need relocation services, you understandably want to trust that the movers will treat your possessions as if they were their own. Unfortunately, pervasive myths about moving companies can prevent a person from truly trusting the professionals who are moving them. Below, some of the more common myths are debunked to help you feel more comfortable and confident about your move.

Dispelling 3 Common Myths About Movers

1. Movers Will Damage My Belongings

Some people imagine that movers will be scraping furniture across floors and walls and dropping fragile items. In reality, however, movers are invested in getting your items from Point A to Point B as safely and securely as possible.

They understand that damaged goods reflect badly on them, and they take great pains to protect your belongings at every stage of the journey. That includes proper lifting and stacking of boxes; wrapping sharp, heavy, or bulky items in plastic or moving blankets; and practicing special care with breakables.

2. Movers Cost More Than Moving Myself

moversMovers are professionals who know how to get the job done quickly. If you were to move on your own, consider the cost, time, and energy involved. You'll need to pack, load, and unload; dismantle and reassemble large items; and rent a truck, fill it with gas, and purchase insurance.

And, you'll have to do these tasks all by yourself or with a few friends who likely didn't imagine spending their day off hauling furniture. In the end, hiring professional movers saves you significant money, time, and effort.

3. All Professional Movers Are the Same

As in any other industry, movers can vary wildly in cost and quality. This is why it's so important to ask for references and check review websites so you can find an affordable, reputable mover.

Request quotes from multiple moving companies and compare the prices and services provided. Call to ask questions about your move and get an idea of customer service. A little homework will ensure you find the right service for the move.


Smooth Move Relocation Services LLC is dedicated to making your relocation easy and stress-free. Since 2000, this Cincinnati-based moving company has been serving the Tri-State area. They offer residential and commercial moving services, including packing, boxes and supplies, and local and long-distance moves. Call (513) 481-1316 or visit them online to request a free estimate.

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