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4 Signs of Pests I Should Look for When House Hunting October 10, 2020

Maineville, Warren
4 Signs of Pests I Should Look for When House Hunting, Maineville, Ohio

While shopping for a new home is exciting, it can also be a stressful process. It’s one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your life, so there’s a lot at stake. One thing you shouldn’t overlook is checking a property for pests. Pest control companies can inspect a property and help you have peace of mind that any pest problems are under control. 

How to Know If a House Has Pests

1. Holes & Gnaw Marks

If you notice holes in the walls and floors or chewed up electrical wires, furniture, or carpeting, the home may have a rodent problem. Rodents’ teeth are always growing, so they gnaw on various items to keep them short.

2. Unpleasant Odors

When looking at homes, pay attention to certain odors. Rats, for example, give off an ammonia scent while mice smell like urine. Cockroaches, on the other hand, produce a musty odor. If you detect any of these odors, you should contact a pest control company before buying the home.

3. Pest Droppings

pest controlIf you see fecal droppings around the house, it’s a given that pests are nearby. Rodent droppings look like pellets and are generally found in kitchen cupboards and pantries. Cockroach droppings, however, are smaller and resemble coffee grounds.

4. Dead Bugs

Dead bugs are easy to overlook because they’re very small, but keep an eye out for them when house hunting. You can typically find dead bugs on window sills, floors, and in basements. If you see the same type of bug throughout the house, there’s likely an infestation and pest control services are needed.


If you’re looking for reliable pest control services, turn to the professionals at BUG-A-PEST, LLC in Maineville, OH. The family-owned and -operated company has provided pest removal services for 25 years and uses efficient techniques to eliminate mice, cockroaches, termites, and other pests from your property. They’re committed to customer satisfaction and will create a plan specific to your unique needs. For more information about their residential pest control services, call (513) 459-7700 or visit their website.

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