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3 Reasons to Use Natural Skin Care Products October 1, 2020

Honolulu, Honolulu
3 Reasons to Use Natural Skin Care Products, Honolulu, Hawaii

Natural skin products include ingredients that weren’t grown using pesticides, chemicals, hormones, or antibiotics. Clean cleansers, masks, and serums have become popular in recent years, as many people are discovering the harmful side effects of synthetic ingredients. Here are a few reasons to switch to a cleaner line of products.

Why You Should Opt for All-Natural Skin Products

1. Avoid Harmful Ingredients

Non-organic skin products may include phthalates, which are synthetic chemicals found in plastics. These ingredients may contribute to developmental disorders, like hypospadias and birth defects, in humans.

Cosmetics companies claim the ingredients are OK, which is why they’re still on the market. However, there hasn’t been enough research to prove the ingredients are safe. Purchasing organic products helps you avoid these additives altogether.

2. Prevent Allergic Reactions

organic skin productsWhen the skin comes into contact with an ingredient you’re allergic to, the immune cells are likely to trigger a response that may lead to swelling, redness, or hives in the area. Traditional skin care products include common allergens, like farnesol and benzyl benzoate. Since natural products don’t contain these synthetic ingredients, they’re less likely to trigger harmful reactions.

3. Purchase Cruelty-Free Products

Many skin care and cosmetic brands rely on animal testing to make sure their formulas are safe for human use. Natural skin products don’t require this type of testing since they only consist of natural ingredients and don’t have synthetic chemicals. Natural users can feel confident that their creams and serums haven’t harmed innocent animals.


If you want to enjoy the benefits of natural products, turn to Pure Skin by Maggie in Honolulu, HI. Maggie Liu offers a gentle yet effective natural line that’s free of harmful ingredients. Some of her products include herbal foaming cleansers, serum masks, and brightening capsules. View the complete collection online, and call (808) 358-4697 to place an order.

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