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How to Minimize Stress During a Move October 14, 2020

Cincinnati, Hamilton
How to Minimize Stress During a Move, Cincinnati, Ohio

On the one hand, you’re excited about relocating to a new city. On the other, the thought of packing all your items and moving your entire life already has you exhausted. By following a few steps before the big day, professional movers say the experience doesn’t have to be stress-filled. Here’s what you can do now to prepare and keep your sanity intact.

What You Can Do to Reduce Stress When Moving

1. De-Clutter Mentally

Try to see moving as more than a physical act. Approach the task as a mental process where you are removing clutter from your life. As you embark on the new path, consider eliminating items that no longer serve a purpose for you.

From clothes and kitchen utensils to furniture, decide whether you will donate, toss or sell. Purging items you don’t need anymore can free up your mental state of mind, so you’re prepared for a fresh start. 

2. Start Early

Well before the movers arrive, begin the packing process. If it’s a multi-room home, at least two to three months ahead of time is ideal. For an apartment, give yourself a few weeks of lead time.

moversHave yard sales or enlist an online retail exchange to sell items. Get a jump on what tasks will need to be done if you’re moving out of state, such as vehicle registration and setting up utility services. 

3. Hire Professionals

Letting experienced movers do all the hard work will help remove most of the stress from relocating. The best ones will securely and efficiently pack your items using the proper boxes and packing materials.

Start researching moving companies for affordable rates and reputable track records. Inquire about insurance and what their policies cover. Hiring professionals who specialize in local and long-distance moves frees up time for you to focus on other relocation priorities. 

4. See the Outcome

Envision yourself already in your new place. The boxes are unpacked, and the furniture pieces are exactly where you want them. Seeing the final outcome in your head can reduce any anxiety and stress about the actual move. Creating this calm state beforehand may also put you in a better mental state to get through the moving process.


By following a few steps, transitioning to a new place or city can be seamless and fast. For nearly 20 years, Smooth Move Relocation Services LLC in Cincinnati, OH has provided superior and effortless packing, moving and transport care. Serving the Tri-State area, the licensed movers stand out from the rest by offering in-home estimates and flat and hourly rates. You’ll also receive 100% guaranteed pick-up and delivery dates. To learn more about the area’s premier moving company’s services, visit the website and then call (513) 481-1316 to schedule an in-home estimate. 

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