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3 Top Foods to Pair With Beer October 26, 2020

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3 Top Foods to Pair With Beer, Covington, Kentucky

When you head to your favorite eatery, it can be difficult not to agonize over what to drink with the meal. While ordering your favorite beer or wine can be comforting and simple, there are times when it isn’t the best choice. From pizza and burgers to wings and spaghetti, some could argue that beer goes with anything. However, there are some foods that pair especially well with a cold brew. 

What Food to Order When You’re Drinking Beer 

1. Cheese-Based Dishes

Wine might be the first beverage that comes to mind when you think about cheese pairings, but beer and cheese are also a tasty match. Beer is arguably a better choice for these situations, as it doesn't mask the flavors of the cheese.

Beer is less acidic, which allows it to lift the fats off the cheese, creating a richer flavor. Pair your favorite beer with cheese-based dishes like pizza, cheese sticks, or salads topped cheese. 

2. Fried Foods

pizzaFrench fries, chicken wings, onion rings, and other fried foods are even more delicious when paired with a light, refreshing beer. Blonde ales and fall brews, like Oktoberfest-style beers, are ideal for pairing with fried foods. These beverages can cut through the heaviness of the grease while maintaining a delicious, salty flavor. 

3. Spicy Items

There’s a reason beer and hot wings are such a popular combination. Lighter, hop-heavy beers, such as Corona® or Modelo Especial®, cut through the spice. This allows you to enjoy the flavor of the food and drink without being overwhelmed by the heat and spiciness. Try a regional beer with your favorite flavorful foods like taco salad, taco pizza, or jalapeño poppers.


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