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3 Signs It's Time to Replace Your Industrial Control Panel October 26, 2020

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3 Signs It's Time to Replace Your Industrial Control Panel, Ross, Ohio

In today’s fast-moving, energy-intensive economy, an efficient, high-quality electrical control panel is essential for any manufacturing plant or logistics facility. What was cutting-edge just a few years ago can quickly become outdated, leaving your company unable to take advantage of the latest automation technologies and machinery upgrades. Below are a few of the most common signs that your electrical control panel is due for replacement.

When Should You Update Your Electrical Panel?

1. Signs of Impending Failure

Power surges, blackouts, and water penetration can damage the electrical panel, creating issues that may go unnoticed at first. However, over time, your team may notice strange smells, corrosion, or panel enclosures that are warm to the touch.

Even if the system seems operational, these signs often indicate a short in the system or an impending failure. A failed electrical system can cost an active plant millions of dollars, so repairing or replacing the panel at the first sign of trouble is always the most cost-effective approach.

control panel2. Performance Issues

An overtaxed or damaged electrical panel will eventually struggle to meet your building’s energy needs. The supply of power might flicker or your circuits may turn off during periods of peak demand. These performance problems can seriously impact your company’s productivity, especially if certain machines must be turned offline while your maintenance team makes repairs.

3. Increasingly Difficult to Maintain

Most industrial electrical panels are custom-designed to meet the needs of a particular facility. When new, these panels distribute energy through the building, ensuring every part of your operation has the power to run smoothly.

However, as you upgrade your equipment, install new machinery, or expand operations, additions or modifications may need to be made to the original custom panel. This can increase the difficulty for your team when making repairs or performing routine maintenance. A replacement panel will streamline operations.


With industry-leading expertise and the resources to handle even the most complicated projects, Abcon Automation in Ohio is ready to help maximize the efficiency of your wiring and ensure your business has the energy it needs. Their team of professionals has designed custom control panels and automation solutions for facilities throughout the Cincinnati Tri-State area. Visit their website to learn more about their control panel expertise, get more expert advice on Facebook, or call (513) 851-7572 to discuss your project with a member of their team.

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