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5 Ways to Protect Furniture From Pets October 19, 2020

East New York, Brooklyn
5 Ways to Protect Furniture From Pets, ,

If you have pets, you know that they can wreak havoc on your furniture. Hair, stains, odors, and scratched wood are often part of having pets, making housekeeping a challenge. Fortunately, you can protect your furniture while also keeping your furry friends happy with the following tips. 

How to Reduce Pet Damage to Your Furniture

1. Cover the Sofa

Keep your sofa and upholstered chairs safe from pet hair and stains by using covers. A simple blanket or sheet can be easily tossed in the wash when it gets dirty, but there are also slipcovers and mats designed specifically for pets. Look for a durable, machine-washable cover. 

2. Regular Housekeeping 

Staying on top of housekeeping chores like vacuuming and dusting can protect your furniture. Regular cleaning prevents hair from building up and stains or odors from setting in. If your four-legged pal has a favorite spot, rotate those cushions regularly to prevent dirt buildup and excess wear. 

3. Offer Alternatives

housekeepingScratching and chewing are natural behaviors, and although you can’t stop these habits, you can redirect them. Keep a scratching post near your kitty’s favorite clawing spot or a basket of chew toys next to the table that your dog likes to gnaw on. In time, you can teach them to play and relax without destroying the furniture. 

4. Give Them a Place of Their Own 

If your pet has their own bed or hideaway, they’re less likely to claim a spot on the couch or bed. Cats love areas where they can hide out and feel secure, while the dog will be happy with a cushioned bed. Encourage your pet to use their bed by keeping a toy on or near it and offering praise when they use it. 

5. Keep Them Clean 

Taking care of your furry friend will keep them happy and healthy and protect the furniture. Make sure they get plenty of exercise to prevent boredom and inappropriate behaviors like chewing.

Regular grooming is also a must. Bathing and nail trimming can prevent odors and stains, and reduce damage from scratching. Make it a habit to clean the dog’s paws after every walk to keep most of the dirt out of the house and make housekeeping easier. 


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