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4 FAQ About Re-Roofing October 26, 2020

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4 FAQ About Re-Roofing, Kingman, Arizona

An asphalt roof can usually last for approximately two decades. However, weather damage or natural wear and tear will, ultimately, leave you in need of a roof replacement. One potential alternative to a full tear-off is re-roofing. The guide below explains what this process entails.

A Brief Guide to Re-Roofing

What is it?

With a typical roof replacement, contractors have to completely dismantle your existing roof, dispose of those materials, then install brand new ones. By contrast, re-roofing involves placing a new layer of shingles over the set that you already have. 

What are the benefits?

Re-roofing is a less time-consuming process than roof replacement. This not only reduces some of the disruption to your schedule, but it can also help you save on labor costs. When completed, your roof will once again be better equipped to withstand the elements. This reinforcement of materials can prevent HVAC-treated air from escaping your home, lowering your utility bills. You can also enjoy improved curb appeal.

What are the drawbacks?

re-roofingThis process won’t work for all homes. If your existing roof has extensive damage, you’ll likely need a replacement instead. For example, if there’s damage to your roof deck or the insulation and waterproofing layers, you need to fix those issues rather than covering them with a new layer of shingles.

If you don't address these problems, any new materials you add will wear quickly. Your roof may also start to sag, posing a safety hazard. If your home has been re-roofed before, contractors cannot install another set of shingles as this would make the roof too heavy.

What materials can you use?

Asphalt shingles are the most common material used in re-roofing projects, as they’re the most affordable and readily available. Usually, roofers recommend sticking with the same material as your existing roof. However, it is possible to place metal over asphalt if desired.


When it’s time to re-roof your home, contact the professionals at A-2-Z Roofing & Supply Co., Inc. in Kingman, AZ. No matter your roof type, this experienced, full-service company prides itself on efficient and affordable work. From asphalt to tile to standing seam roofs, they will provide you with the best repairs or installation for your budget. Learn more about their services online. Call them at (928) 757-2071 to set an appointment.

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