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4 Ways to Lower Utility Bills October 26, 2020

Mountain Home, Baxter
4 Ways to Lower Utility Bills, Mountain Home, Arkansas

Between using the air conditioner, washing machine, and water heater, powering your home isn’t cheap. The average household spends over $1,400 per year on utilities alone. However, with a few lifestyle adjustments, you and your family can live comfortably while saving a few bucks. The following tips will help you cut down on energy costs.

How to Save Money on Utilities

1. Wash Clothes in Cold Water

Doing your laundry requires a lot of energy, but you can make the process more efficient by lowering the water temperature. The water heater requires more gas or electricity to heat the water used in the washer.

By adjusting the cycle before washing your garments, you’ll slash the load’s energy usage. Since doing laundry is a frequent chore, the savings can add up. 

2. Insulate

air conditioningWhen you’re running the HVAC system, having the walls, windows, and doors properly sealed will avoid wasted energy. Weatherstripping and caulk will help maintain the desired temperature by preventing energy from escaping the property.

It’s also a good idea to change aging insulation as needed. Over time, the materials can suffer natural wear and tear that diminish their efficiency.

3. Install a Geothermal HVAC System

A geothermal HVAC unit is the most environmentally friendly and cost-effective way to heat or cool your property. Instead of relying on harmful greenhouse gases, a geothermal system uses natural resources from the ground to make your home comfortable. As a result, geothermal air conditioners can save you up to 50% on your cooling costs.

4. Use a Programmable Thermostat

Programming the thermostat to the ideal temperature during the daytime and evening hours will help you save funds. You can schedule it based on your family’s daily routines, allowing it to use less electricity while nobody’s home. Instead of manually raising and lowering the temperature, you can program a smart thermostat to a comfortable level during times of peak use.


When you’re ready to switch to an energy-efficient air conditioner, reach out to Custom Heating & Cooling in Mountain Home, AR. These heating and cooling contractors offer comprehensive services, from geothermal HVAC installations to system repairs and cleanings. They’ll help you keep utility expenses to a minimum. To explore your options, call (870) 425-9498 or visit them online.

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