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3 Times You Should Call a Commercial Locksmith October 26, 2020

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3 Times You Should Call a Commercial Locksmith, Fairfield, Ohio

A commercial locksmith can help you rekey your building to ensure it remains secure. As more and more people are granted access to a building, the overall security becomes compromised and you can lose track of who has keys to your business. The following guide will help you decide when the door locks on your building should be changed or updated.

When Is It Time to Rekey Your Business Building?

1. Breach of Security

If locked doors in your building have been physically forced open, you probably know that you need to have those locks replaced. However, some breaches are more subtle. If an employee has misplaced a key or reports a key as stolen, you can save money by having a commercial locksmith rekey the locks. This will ensure the missing keys can’t be used to gain entry to secure areas without requiring you to completely replace each lock.

2. Move to a New Building 

Commercial LocksmithWhen you move your business into a new commercial building, you won’t know who had keys to your business. Instead of scheduling new lock installations for every door, you can get the locks rekeyed and save on your operating budget. This will help you ensure your own staff will be the only ones with keys to crucial areas, so unauthorized access will be virtually eliminated. Your locksmith can also inspect the building’s security to ensure it will meet your needs. If not, this will be the ideal time to explore your options for upgrading the building’s physical security features. 

3. Change in Staff

If you have fired an employee, or if you have had to lay off several workers, you should consider getting the locks rekeyed. While those former employees may not have any ill intentions, hiring a locksmith service to rekey the locks is a good security measure. It will ensure your business and your staff are better protected. You may also have lost track of who has keys to sensitive areas, so rekeying the locks will give you peace of mind. It allows you to start fresh and keep a closer eye on who has keys.


If you feel at all uncertain about the security of your building, you should hire a commercial locksmith to rekey your doors. Located in Fairfield, OH, Central Safe & Lock LLC has more than 17 years of experience servicing the security needs of commercial customers in Northern Cincinnati and South Dayton. They offer transparent pricing and services to ensure their customers always know what to expect. You can learn more about the commercial services they provide by browsing their website. To schedule service, call them at (513) 884-1870.

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