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3 Roofing Concerns to Address When Buying an Old House October 26, 2020

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3 Roofing Concerns to Address When Buying an Old House, Cincinnati, Ohio

Buying an older home can help you get a good deal, but it also means watching out for roofing problems. This becomes a bigger concern if the seller can’t be sure about when the roof was last replaced. Before you commit to buying an old house, take a look at the following guide.

What Are Some Roofing Concerns to Consider When Buying an Older Home?

1. Visual Damage

Look for sagging that indicates the roofing beams are rotting and may need to be replaced. You should also look for broken pieces of shingles on the ground surrounding the house. This indicates that the shingles are damaged, which may mean the house will need a new roof soon.

Watch for water stains on the walls and ceiling inside the house. This indicates significant roof damage. The shingles may be missing or degraded, allowing rainwater to pass through the rest of the roofing material. Once it gets past the roof, water can seep down along the walls and ceiling.

2. Construction History

RoofingConstruction issues from past eras can affect how well the roof ages. This is why older homes that haven’t been updated need roof replacements more frequently. Homes that were built before 1940 weren’t insulated properly and that includes failing to line chimneys. You should plan on having to re-insulate the roof and line the chimney if you buy a very old house.

It wasn’t common for homes built between 1960 and 1980 to have proper attic ventilation. This can promote water damage and mold growth by creating a humid, damp atmosphere. If the home you buy was built within this era, you should add attic vents to boost air circulation. Anything built after 1980 will have addressed these issues and make use of more modern roofing material, so your roof should last for up to 15 years.

3. Financial Options 

While you may still decide to buy an older home, you should consider several factors first. If you plan to use the house for rental income, you’ll have to repair or replace the roof before letting tenants move in. You should also consider how quickly you can finance a roof repair. Even though the roof may look good, that’s not to say a leak won’t develop shortly after you buy the house. You might also want to consider asking the seller to offer you a discount on the sale price if he can’t verify the age of the roof.


If you plan to buy an older home, you should anticipate roofing problems that may require a full roof replacement. Cincinnati Roofing in Ohio is a family-owned business that has employed five generations of roofers. They’re also an Owens Corning® Preferred Contractor and they offer financing via Service Finance Company, LLC. Since they don’t use subcontractors, you will know their team will work on your roof and gutters personally. You can learn more about their services online, or call them at (513) 484-5363.

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