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3 Health Benefits of Senior Socialization October 19, 2020

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3 Health Benefits of Senior Socialization, ,

Spending time with other people is a necessity at any age. Unfortunately, when you get older, decreased mobility and eyesight can make it difficult to get out of the house, so you are more dependent on family and friends dropping by when they have the time. This can lead to increased isolation and loneliness, which can exacerbate mental and physical health problems. Hiring a home health aide ensures regular companionship and transportation to reduce the likelihood of these issues.

Why Does Socialization for Seniors Matter?

1. Decreases Risk of Illness

When seniors live alone, they are more at risk of developing chronic lung disease, arthritis, impaired mobility, and cardiovascular problems. In many instances, poorer health is the result of feeling lonely. When older individuals feel this way, they are less likely to participate in physical activities and will often engage in unhealthy behaviors like overeating, consuming more alcohol, and smoking. 

Having a home health aide minimizes your time spent alone. They can also drive you to community centers that offer senior-focused exercise programs. This allows you to engage with other people and take care of your physical health. 

2. Protects Emotional Health

home health aideWhen seniors are unable to spend time with family and friends, they are more likely to suffer from depression, stress, and anxiety. A home health aide isn’t just a source of regular companionship. They can also help you to stay in touch with neighbors and friends and help you learn new technologies, so you can always feel connected to the outside world. 

3. Reduces Cognitive Decline

Staying social plays a strong role in your cognitive health. In one study, seniors who reported being lonely showed much faster mental decline and almost twice the risk of developing Alzheimer’s than those who did not. 

Maintaining interactions with people helps to keep your brain stimulated and prevents memory loss. Regular socialization also helps to hold you accountable, such as making you more likely to stick with exercise programs that will help to prevent physical and mental decline. Also, having a home health aide and friends makes it more likely that memory symptoms will be addressed early on before they can worsen. 


If you have difficulties getting out of the house on your own, a home health aide from A Hart of Pearls Healthcare can ensure you don’t ever have to feel trapped at home. This home health service provides in-home care to seniors in Saint Louis, MO. Their staff is registered with the Family Safety Registry of Missouri and are CPR licensed. They create individualized care plans for each patient to provide the best care possible. Call them today at (314) 942-7414 and visit their website for more details.

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