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A Guide to Business Continuity During COVID-19 October 21, 2020

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A Guide to Business Continuity During COVID-19, Concord, Ohio

Many businesses have had to reinvent daily operations and adhere to social-distancing guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19. With staff working remotely and dispersed across different zip codes, finding the right IT solutions is more important than ever. Here’s a helpful guide to help you reduce downtime and secure your operations.

What Are the Problems Associated With Remote Work?

Network security can be compromised when employees work from home, especially if they use open, unprotected Wi-Fi networks. If a user connects to the Internet on a public network, their computer and your business’s online databases are vulnerable to prying eyes. Hackers might gain access to usernames, passwords, and web traffic data, potentially hijacking accounts and launching spam or malware attacks. You need IT solutions that protect your data.

it SolutionsEmployees also need tools to complete tasks across teams and departments. They must be able to communicate easily via phone, video calls, and text, but also access their digital documents from home computers or smartphones to stay productive. 

Which IT Solutions Will Protect Your Business?

Cloud services are invaluable when you don’t have an office or main hub. Having the ability to share and store data securely on the cloud improves accessibility and reduces the risk of data loss.

Talk to each staff member about their home setup, ensuring they have access to password-protected Wi-Fi or a virtual private network (VPN) that provides a safe connection. If an employee doesn’t have a reliable business phone, provide VoIP phones so they can perform their duties.

Rules and recommendations related to COVID-19 evolve constantly. As such, it’s important for your business to be prepared for any scenario. Perform a comprehensive risk assessment with your tech support team to establish data recovery plans. Implement backups so your staff can access materials if they lose printed documents or files stored in office computers.


If you’re looking for IT solutions that take your business to the next level during the pandemic, Concord Technology Group is your go-to resource. Since 2008, this company has helped businesses across the greater Cleveland area, OH, protect their data and streamline operations. They offer dynamic, progressive, and cost-effective network monitoring services to help secure your confidential data. Call (440) 210-3200 to discuss your needs, or visit their website for more information on network security.

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