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A Guide to Livestock Insurance October 23, 2020

Dumas, Moore
A Guide to Livestock Insurance, Dumas, Texas

Livestock is the heart of many farms, and losing any of your animals can have significant effects. However, the animals face many risks, which is why you should get special coverage for your livestock. This form of agriculture insurance is invaluable when the unexpected occurs. Below is more information about these policies, as well as how it can help you.

What Is It?

There are three types of livestock insurance: individual, blanket, and herd. Individual plans apply to high-value animals like a prized racehorse or breeding longhorn. Blanket coverage applies to your entire farm and is essentially a comprehensive agriculture insurance plan. Herd coverage is for a specific herd of animals.

The plans can cover cattle, swine, lambs, sheep, goats, and more. The insurance carrier will reimburse you for the loss of an animal if an accident occurs. Coverage includes natural disasters, accidents during travel, inclement weather, and theft. There are also peril packages that cover accidental shooting, drowning, and wild animal attacks.

However, these plans typically do not include disease or death from old age. You can also invest in livestock liability plans to protect yourself from lawsuits.

Why Is It Significant?

agricultural insuranceWhile you can do your best to protect the animals, you cannot control every situation. For example, if you lose a herd of cattle or stable of horses to a tornado, you will miss out on significant income. Livestock insurance reimburses the loss so that you can rebuild the herd without paying out-of-pocket.

Lawsuits can also significantly impact your business, and liability insurance protects you if someone experiences an injury due to one of the animals. If the person sues you, your agriculture insurance carrier will cover medical bills and other expenses that the court orders.

Also, ask if your plan covers falling prices. Livestock are a commodity, and their value is always fluctuating. If the market plummets, your plan may provide compensation for assumed losses until it recovers.


If you want to explore your agriculture insurance options, contact Stidham Insurance Agency in Dumas, TX. These professionals offer various types of coverage, including crop insurance, business insurance, and auto insurance. Visit the website for more information about their services. Call (806) 935-6888 to speak with an experienced insurance agent.

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