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3 Signs It's Time to Change Your Engine's Air Filter October 23, 2020

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3 Signs It's Time to Change Your Engine's Air Filter, Maryland Heights, Missouri

Part of the responsibilities of owning your car is keeping up with its maintenance to ensure your vehicle runs efficiently and safely. While a flat tire or a dead battery is easy to spot, an issue like a clogged engine air filter can go unnoticed until it becomes a bigger, costlier problem. Here are three signs to know that it's time to change your engine's air filter.

When Is It Time for an Air Filter Replacement?

1. Ignition Issues

Aside from poor gas mileage, dirty air filters can also negatively impact the vehicle's emission control system. When this component is compromised, gunk can build up in the car's spark plugs. If your vehicle sluggishly rolls over every time you start the car, there's a chance that a clogged air filter could be the culprit.

2. Poor Gas Mileage

air filtersAir filters facilitate good airflow in the engine. When it's clogged with dirt and debris, the airflow can become restricted, affecting engine performance and causing it to work harder than it should. As a result, you'll start to notice that your regular gas refill won't take you as far as it once did. It will likely worsen as time passes, so it's best to have the issue resolved right away to avoid overspending on fuel.

3. Strange Sounds

Dirty filters could be the reason your car emits strange noises from the engine. If you notice sputtering or coughing sounds, or a strange vibration every time you turn the engine on, it could be your car crying for a filter replacement.


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