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3 Tips to Soothe a Dog's Anxiety About the Groomer October 12, 2020

Mulberry, Miami
3 Tips to Soothe a Dog's Anxiety About the Groomer, Miami, Ohio

Dogs need special care to protect their skin and fur, which means they may need to visit a professional for periodic pet grooming. If your dog experiences anxiety in unfamiliar settings, you can help them adjust and learn to enjoy their appointments with a few simple tips.

How to Calm Your Dog at the Groomer's

1. Take Your Puppy

Puppies are naturally curious and adventurous. Most enjoy new experiences and meeting new people. They love being praised, petted, and otherwise made the center of attention, so puppyhood is a good time to introduce them to pet grooming.

This type of experience is an important part of socializing your new dog. If you wait too long, an adult dog may be more set in their ways and less open minded about such an event. 

2. Start With a Massage

pet groomingSome dogs simply don't like being touched. Some are sensitive about their ears, their mouths, or even their paws. You can alleviate this by getting your pet used to physical contact. Gently massage your pet before a pet grooming appointment.

Speaking in a soft, low voice, start with slow petting and move to a gentle, all-over massage. Caress the paws, ears, and snout. Continue the massage for 10 to 15 minutes, until your pet shows visible signs of relaxation and slow breathing. 

3. Wear Your Dog Out

Another way to avoid pet grooming problems is to take your dog for a long walk before the appointment. Dogs not only need physical exercise, but mental activity, so make sure you let them sniff to their heart's delight during the walk.

You'd be shocked at how much information a dog collects with their nose and how much mental stimulation it provides. A half-hour sniff walk should tire out your dog and help curb misbehavior. 

If you seek a reliable pet grooming salon, contact Shar-Jo's Pet Styling & In-Home Pet Sitting in Milford, OH. They serve clients throughout Miami County and the Greater Cincinnati area, offering dog and cat grooming services, including nail trimming and dog washing, as well as in-home pet sitting. Learn more about them on their website or call (513) 831-9457 to make a pet grooming appointment.

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