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5 Signs That Your Window Seal Is Failing October 13, 2020

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5 Signs That Your Window Seal Is Failing, Newark, Ohio

Winter is on the way, and the last problem you want to deal with is a drafty set of windows. While some instances are a simple fix to restore the seal, you may need a window replacement to keep your home comfortable and efficient. Below are signs that the sealant is failing.

How to Know When Your Window Seals Are Failing

1. Drafty Windows

If you feel a draft as you stand near a window, the seal is most likely no longer keeping out the cold. The outside air should not be getting inside, and if it does, it will impact the inside temperatures and how efficient your home's HVAC system runs. Your heating and cooling system will have to work harder to maintain your settings, leading to higher utility costs to run your unit every month.

2. Water Damage

When water is getting inside, the seals are no longer keeping precipitation and humidity out. You may also notice mold and mildew growth around the window frames and sills as moisture builds and spores thrive. As seals degrade, they can no longer stop rain and snow from breaking through, leaving you with a water-damaged installation.

3. Condensation

window replacementInsulating gas may be wearing down and no longer trapping the air between your window panes if they’re foggy and contain condensation. This often happens when sealant breaks down, or there are gaps that are releasing the gas and affecting efficiency. Condensation occurs when the water vapor in the air hits surfaces lower in temperature. Without insulation, the gap between the outside air and glass surface is too great, and condensation forms.

4. Noise

Seals are meant to insulate windows to help balance energy. They also create a sound barrier, but when you begin to hear outside chatter and traffic at much higher levels, your seals are failing. Restoring the seal can reduce noise pollution and help you maintain a quieter living space.

5. Operation Issues

Have you noticed your windows are harder to open and close? If so, failing seals may be causing temperature fluctuations and buildups of moisture that are now creating problems with operation. The wood frames may be swelling and warping, and your best solution is window replacement.


For all of your glass window needs, contact The Glass Guru of Newark. Residents in Central Ohio rely on their professional offerings for their homes, ranging from a foggy window repair to full window replacement. Their expert offerings extend to mirrors and glass pet doors as well. Call (740) 349-0871 for an estimate or visit them online for their gallery.

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