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3 Outdoor Advertising Ideas for Your Business October 23, 2020

East New York, Brooklyn
3 Outdoor Advertising Ideas for Your Business, Brooklyn, New York

When it comes to advertising, many companies think of using graphic design services to develop online ads. While this can certainly be helpful, local businesses in particular still benefit from outdoor advertising. With the right placement, this will help direct foot traffic to your location and significantly increase brand awareness among local consumers. Here are some useful ideas to try.

How to Advertise Your Business Outside

1. Billboards

Billboards are one of the most traditional forms of outdoor advertising, but you have more options here than you might expect. While static billboards are useful for reaching drivers, a digital billboard has more dynamic, eye-catching options and can be more interesting for pedestrians. Smaller, interactive billboards also use augmented reality to let customers engage directly with the brand, drawing intrigue and making your company seem cutting-edge.

2. Car Wraps

graphic designA vehicle wrap can serve as a surprisingly effective mobile ad for your business if it includes your name, logo, and basic information, such as your primary services or a contact phone number. With a quality design, a vehicle wrap will catch the attention of both pedestrians and motorists as you drive around town, turning your typical commute into a business opportunity.

3. Transit Advertising

Many people rely on public transportation to get to work or other important functions. Transit advertising inside a subway car or bus gives passengers something to look at during their trip, and helps your message reach thousands of people each day. Depending on your business, a transit ad could even get a consumer to stop by your store on their way home.


If you need graphic design help for your outdoor advertising efforts, contact DTM Signs and Truck Wraps in Brooklyn, NY. Their award-winning team is proud to find solutions that’ll give your advertising the boost it needs to succeed with your target audience. They also now offer financing. To learn more about their graphic design services, visit them online or call (347) 312-5488.

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