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A Guide to Car Frame Damage October 23, 2020

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A Guide to Car Frame Damage, Covington, Kentucky

Auto collision damage can affect almost every part of your vehicle — including the vehicle’s frame. Also known as the chassis, this component acts as the “skeleton” of your vehicle, providing the much-needed structural integrity. Here’s a closer look at the common types of frames on vehicles, as well as the available frame straightening and repair options.

What Are the Types of Car Frames? 


While body-on-frame design used to be the standard for all vehicles, today, this is only used for larger SUVs and pickup trucks. In this design, the vehicle body sits on a ladder-style frame that is made of two symmetrical, parallel rails that are connected by smaller cross members. This design is more durable, making it less likely to experience extensive damage that requires frame straightening.

Unibody Frame

frame straighteningMost modern vehicles use a unibody frame. With this design, the frame and vehicle body are part of a single connected system. This design actually helps reduce the weight of the car, while also creating crumple zones that make it safer and more structurally sound in an accident. The strongest parts of the frame are the unirails located at the front and rear of the vehicle. Unibody repair tends to be more complex, however, because the frame and body are so intertwined.

Why Are Frames Important for Safe Driving?

If you’ve been in an accident, frame straightening should be a top priority. A bent or damaged frame makes the vehicle less safe should you be involved in another collision. Because the crumple zone has already been impacted, this safety element is no longer able to protect you. A bent frame could also make it harder to drive straight, impacting handling, fuel efficiency, and more. Repairs should only be performed by an experienced collision repair expert.


When you need frame straightening or other major repairs after an auto accident, you can count on Crone’s Auto Body in Covington, KY. Serving area drivers since 1949, their rigorous approach to repairs and customer service ensures you’ll get great results, no matter how big the job may be. To learn more about their work, visit them online, or call (859) 356-1800.

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