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Holiday Pet Wellness 101: Advice From TLC Pet Care Centers December 14, 2015

Springfield, Hamilton
Holiday Pet Wellness 101: Advice From TLC Pet Care Centers, Springfield, Ohio

The holidays are right around the corner! For humans, it's an exciting time filled with presents, treats, and visits with loved ones. It's filled with plenty of good things for pets as well, but as responsible pet owners, you should keep in mind some of the potentially hazardous aspects of holiday celebrations. TLC Pet Care Centers, Cincinnati's leading animal hospital, offers the following tips to protect your pets during the holidays:

  • Christmas Tree Precautions: If you're participating in this beloved Christmas tradition, keep your tree securely anchored at all times. Try to dissuade your pets from going near it, as tree water is full of bacteria and is bad for the stomach. You may want a spray bottle nearby, as cats are often fond of climbing trees.
  • Holiday Traveling: Will your family be going on a road trip this holiday season? If so, never leave you pets at home alone. Pet boarding is available 365 days a year at TLC Pet Care Centers, which keeps to your pet's normal eating schedule and includes playtime, sleep routines, and even administration of your pet's medications.
  • Tinsel & Ribbons: Animals and small children could injure themselves by accidentally swallowing these sparkly substances. Either avoid using it in your decorations, or make sure it doesn't fall into the wrong paws.
  • Holiday Plants & Foods: Many flowers are poisonous to both cats and dogs, including poinsettias, daffodils, holly, mistletoe, and amaryllis. You should also avoid feeding them cold cuts, cookies, and rising breads as well as chocolate and caffeinated products.

  • Lights & Wires: One of the hallmarks shared by many winter holidays are their brilliant traditions, such as lighting candles, setting up colored lights and ornaments, and sitting by the fire. As with any activity that involves electricity or open flames, take precautions when pets are near.

If you have any questions about pet wellness and safety this holiday season, visit TLC Pet Care Centers online, or call their East Branch at (513) 683-2300 or their West Branch at (513) 825-4011.

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