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The Psychology of Paint Colors in Retail Stores October 15, 2020

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The Psychology of Paint Colors in Retail Stores, Fairbanks, Alaska

Color has a significant effect on people’s minds, as it can influence how they think and feel. Choosing the right paint colors in your retail store can even encourage sales. If you’re unsure about which hue to put on the walls, use this guide to learn about the most popular shades and how they can influence your customers.

4 Paint Colors & the Emotions They Convey

1. Pale Pink

The shade is known to make people feel calm, and the positive emotion will give customers a sense of well-being while they’re in your store. This means they’re likely to stay longer or visit again in the future. The color also represents youthful playfulness and whimsy, making it ideal for knickknack stores.

2. Sleek Onyx

paint colorBlack gives an impression of class and sophistication. This chic paint color can be used as an accent wall to frame your most expensive products. Decorate the display with high-shine silver fixtures to make it seem extra luxurious.

3. Hot Red

Vibrant and energizing, red creates a sense of urgency. Use this shade for the checkout counter to encourage customers to get small add-ons and impulse buys. Despite its effectiveness, too much of this hue can be overbearing and visually offensive, so use it sparingly.

4. Royal Blue

This shade of blue is bold and commanding without being overwhelming. It conveys knowledge and power, so it’s often used as a branded color for law firms and pharmaceutical companies. Incorporate royal blue into the space if your store provides functional products that people rely on, like IT equipment or office supplies.


Once you’ve decided which shades to use, get what you need from Fairbanks Paint & Glass. This supplier provides Alaska businesses with high-quality paint colors from the industry’s leading brands, like Flood®, Kodiak®, and Moosehide®. They also offer the equipment you need to get the job done, such as thinners, brushes, and rollers. To get more information about their services, visit them online or call (907) 456-7758.

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