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4 Tree Diseases That Are Common in Ohio October 12, 2020

Hyde Park, Cincinnati
4 Tree Diseases That Are Common in Ohio, Cincinnati, Ohio

Just like people, trees can contract diseases. Some of these spread from other plants, while others are carried by pests or water. A tree care professional can diagnose diseases and either treat trees to help them recover or remove them to prevent the disease from spreading to others on your property. Here are some of the most common conditions for those in Ohio to be aware of.

What Tree Diseases Should Ohio Property Owners Look Out For?

1. Powdery Mildew

Powdery mildew can affect many different types of trees, including maple, oak, and dogwood. It’s caused by several strains of fungus, including Podosphaera xanthii and Erysiphales.

When a tree is affected by this disease, its leaves display tons of tiny white or gray spores. It’s not always fatal to trees, but it can spread quickly throughout a garden and neighborhood because so many plants are susceptible to it.

2. Needlecast

Needlecast affects evergreen trees like pines and spruces. It’s a fungal disease that causes needles to display brown or black spots and eventually fall off.

Young trees and those that are stressed due to lack of water or improper planting are more likely to contract this disease, which is spread when water from an infected tree lands on another nearby tree.

3. Cedar Apple Rust

tree careCedar apple rust is caused by the gymnosporangium juniperi-virginianae and affects apple, crabapple, and red cedar trees. When they are infected, they display yellow and red spots on their leaves and fruit. It can cause trees to lose their aesthetic appeal and eventually become disfigured.

4. Thousand Cankers

This is a fungal disease that affects walnut trees. Walnut twig beetles, which are small brown bugs that burrow into walnut trees, carry this disease. It causes brown and yellow spots to form on branches and trunks. Eventually, it attacks the tree’s circulatory system and may cause it to die.


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