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What Activities Are Excellent for Seniors? October 16, 2020

New City, Rockland County
What Activities Are Excellent for Seniors?, New City, New York

An active lifestyle, including social and productive activities, helps seniors to stay happy and healthy. Benefits include lowering their risk of developing certain diseases, a longer lifespan, and even improved memory and problem-solving skills. Even if your senior loved one requires home health care to go about their daily life, there is no reason they can't try out one of these stimulating new hobbies. 

3 Activities Seniors Should Try

1. Gardening

Gardening can improve physical, psychological, and social health. Based on your loved one’s condition, they might be able to create an outdoor vegetable or flower garden. If there isn’t much space for an outdoor garden, or your loved one will have difficulty maneuvering in the outdoors, work with their home health care worker to create indoor options such as window boxes. 

Other measures can be taken to make gardening more enjoyable and secure for those with reduced mobility. For example, raised based will decrease the need for bending and stooping. Lightweight tools will also make for more comfortable gardening. 

3. Arts & Crafts

home health careArt is not only relaxing, but it’s also a good way for seniors to exercise their fine motor skills. For those facing verbal impairments and other health issues, it provides another way to communicate emotions and thoughts. Your senior loved one might take a pottery course at a local community center or simply purchase a sketchbook and start sketching items in their surroundings or mind.

Also, many seniors have boxes full of family photos that they might put into scrapbooks. It’s a great way to reflect on beautiful memories. 

3. Reading & Writing 

Both reading and writing keep the brain engaged and stimulate creativity. A book set in a distant country will allow seniors to travel without moving a foot.

In writing, seniors can draw on their rich lives for inspiration. After finishing a book or writing a story, seniors can share it with others through a book club or writer’s group. Thus, an independent activity becomes seamlessly social.


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