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A Guide to Land Grubbing September 18, 2020

Hopewell, Licking
A Guide to Land Grubbing, Hopewell, Ohio

Before you begin building a new structure, you’ll need to prepare the construction site. One of the most important preparation methods is land grubbing. Here’s what you should know about this process and why it’s necessary.

What Is Land Grubbing?

The first step of any construction project is land clearing. During this process, contractors use heavy machinery and equipment to remove trees and plants from a construction site. Once the vegetation is cleared, they will also perform land grubbing, which is the removal of leftover roots, stumps, brush, rocks, or logs.

grubbingContractors rid the land of these leftover materials with root rakes and heavy-duty stump grinders. Other forms of debris are usually removed with the same equipment used for land clearing, such as bulldozers, compactors, and dump trucks.

How Is It Done?

Cut & Grind

In this land grubbing method, contractors cut down the property’s trees, leave the stumps behind. They then either use heavy machinery to pull the stumps from the ground or use a grinder to turn them into mulch. 


The pushover method entails the use of bulldozers or other heavy machinery to push trees off the land, keeping the roots intact. Oftentimes, the trees are later ground into mulch or processed for sale. 

Controlled Burn

This method consists of starting a controlled fire to burn away trees and other vegetation. Contractors will extinguish the fire and use heavy construction machinery to remove any leftover debris from the land. 

Why Is It Important? 

Land grubbing provides several benefits for any construction project. This process removes any obstructions so the builders can easily level out, or grade, the land and install the building’s foundation. It also makes the site more attractive by removing stumps, weeds, and unsightly debris.

Removing these materials also keeps construction workers safe, preventing trips, falls, and other injuries. The process not only reduces the risk of a fire by removing dry brush, twigs, and other flammable debris, but it also keeps rodents and pests from nesting in nearby vegetation and potentially infesting the finished structure. Some of these creatures, such as snakes and rats, could spread diseases to the building’s inhabitants.


If you’re planning a construction project, the team at Morehouse Logging can help you get started. They provide professional land clearing and grubbing services to ensure a smooth and stress-free building experience. For more than 25 years, they’ve worked on residential and commercial projects throughout Thornville, OH, and the surrounding areas. As certified arborists, they’re committed to safe and effective tree removal and stump grinding. Learn more about the family-owned and -operated company online, and call (740) 501-0256 to schedule a free estimate.

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