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3 Maintenance Tips for Beachfront Properties October 19, 2020

Orange Beach, Baldwin
3 Maintenance Tips for Beachfront Properties, Orange Beach, Alabama

Beach properties make perfect vacation homes, giving you, your family, and friends a convenient, comfortable place to enjoy a quick getaway. However, these investments require different types of maintenance from traditional homes. Here are three tips for keeping your beachfront property in excellent condition.

How to Maintain a Beach Property

1. Encourage Outdoor Showering

Sand can clog and damage indoor drains. Installing outdoor showers on the premises is a beneficial solution. To protect the indoor plumbing, ask family members and guests who play on the beach or in the ocean to shower off before coming inside.

Maintain outdoor showers in vacation homes by sweeping up sand and having plumbing routinely inspected for clogs. Keep your outdoor shower stocked with everything a person may need to clean up after playing in the sand, including eco-friendly soap, shampoo, and conditioner.

2. Keep the Home’s Exterior Clean

vacation homeOcean breezes often contain sand and salt particles, which can gather on home exteriors. To prevent corrosion and window damage, keep your home’s exterior tidy.

Pressure washing the exterior can dislodge grime buildup, rinsing it away from your home and deck. Have a professional soft-wash or pressure-wash the house when you notice buildup. 

3. Invest In Excellent Home Insurance 

While you can’t do much to prevent natural disasters, like hurricanes or surge flooding, you can invest in homeowners insurance to protect your beachfront vacation home. Make sure your policy is up-to-date and provides enough coverage for the types of finishes and belongings you have in the home.

If you live in a flood plain, invest in a flood insurance rider. Talk with your insurance agent about any home upgrades you should make to maintain proper coverage. Some policies require homeowners to invest in storm doors or protective window shutters to prevent as much damage as possible.


Whether you are ready to get away or you want to invest in a beachfront vacation home of your own, turn to Coastal Properties in Orange Beach, AL. For nearly 20 years, this property management and real estate company has helped people invest in great houses throughout the Gulf Coast. To learn more about how they can help, visit their website or call (251) 981-4951.

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