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3 Main Types of Retaining Walls September 16, 2020

Gates, Monroe
3 Main Types of Retaining Walls, Gates, New York

A beautiful retaining wall creates more usable yard space and prevents erosion. It’s a versatile landscaping addition, and there are several varieties that work with stone and brick. Below is a helpful guide to help you fulfill your design goals.

A Guide to Different Retaining Wall Styles

1. Gravity

Gravity walls are anchored into the dirt and use their weight to hold back the soil.

Professionals recommend using brick pavers, concrete blocks, or stacked natural stones, which don’t shift under stress. These materials come in various colors and are perfect for creating raised flower beds in tight spaces. Stack blocks to create a unique winding wall or straight wall, usually up to 10 feet tall.

2. Cantilever

retaining wallsA cantilever wall begins with a concrete slab poured into a trench. Builders then attach the wall materials into the slab and fill the trench.

The soil load presses the foundation of the concrete slab, forcing the wall upright. This is one of the strongest designs, typically used to hold back large grades that are susceptible to erosion.

3. Anchored

Anchored walls rely on an anchor system. Anchors are installed behind the wall and attached to the materials. The cables create a reverse force that pulls the wall back into the soil it’s supporting.

This design helps thinner, lighter materials, like brick and wood planks, hold larger loads. Anchors can also be added to gravity walls for added strength.


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