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When Do I Need to Update My Auto Insurance? October 19, 2020

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When Do I Need to Update My Auto Insurance?, Gainesville, Georgia

Auto insurance is one of those purchases people tend to make and then forget about—especially if they enroll in automatic payments. It’s wise to review your policy from time to time, however, as your coverage needs may change. Here are some of the most common scenarios that call for an updated car insurance policy. 

3 Times When You Should Update Your Auto Insurance 

1. When Your Household Gets a New Driver

Whether you moved in with your partner or your teenager passed their driver’s test, you’ll need to update your auto insurance. Every time your household gets a newly licensed driver, you should add them to your policy to ensure coverage in all eventualities. 

2. When You Relocate 

auto insurancePeople often assume they only need to modify their auto coverage if they cross state lines. In reality, however, moving to a new town may be enough of a change to warrant a new policy. If you relocate from an area with a fairly high crime rate to one with a much lower rate, for example, you may be able to save quite a bit on your premiums by letting your carrier know. 

3. When Your Employment Situation Changes

Because insurers consider commutes when determining rates, it’s only natural that your policy will change if your employment status does. If you decide to leave the workforce for a few years to stay home with your kids, for example, you may need less coverage. If, on the other hand, you’re leaving a remote position to assume an office job, you may need more coverage.


If your coverage needs have changed, turn to Barnes & Howell Insurance for a new auto insurance policy. Located in Gainesville, GA, this independent agency has served clients across the Atlanta metro area for 25 years. Their highly knowledgeable agents work with more than 50 carriers, allowing them to offer affordable policies tailored to their clients’ needs. To request a quote, reach out on their website or call (770) 718-0202.

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