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3 Reasons to Call for IT Services October 20, 2020

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3 Reasons to Call for IT Services, ,

Dealing with sudden technical problems at work can be frustrating. The issue may be minor enough to fix on your own, but many are best left to IT service professionals. These experts can resolve problems without putting your proprietary information and data at risk, so call them for help in the following situations.

When Do You Need an IT Service Professional?

1. Popup Ads

One or two popup ads on occasion may not be cause for concern, but a sudden influx of them is typically an indication of a security breach. This could put private details at risk, making it especially important to contact an IT professional promptly. You may mistakenly download something nefarious if you continue working, so have a service technician determine the cause and resolve it efficiently.

2. Slow Performance

it serviceSlow performance can severely affect your productivity, which can impact your company's bottom line over time. If you notice that it takes a while to download files or open websites, it's time to determine whether the problem is due to the connection itself or the computers. If you've tried to reset the system to no avail, have your IT technician take a look.

3. Restarting Computers

It's a bad sign when computers behave abnormally and restart over and over. It may also put your documents at risk, especially if you didn't save them before the crash. Check to see if the files were recovered and if you need to update the system. Otherwise, your technician will determine if there's a virus present. They can also set up your software to save files as you work to avoid this issue in the future.


If your office computer system isn’t behaving as it usually does, let the professionals at OhmComm in Philadelphia, PA, take a look. Proudly serving clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic region since 1996, this company offers a variety of IT services to ensure your business runs smoothly. Turn to them for everything from data recovery to security systems, all following HIPPA compliancy. Visit them online for more information on their services, or call (215) 467-1444 to schedule an appointment.

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