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4 Steps to Take if a Tree Falls on Your Roof September 4, 2020

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4 Steps to Take if a Tree Falls on Your Roof, Cincinnati, Ohio

Heavy winds and seasonal storms can knock over dead trees or break their limbs, potentially causing the debris to fall on your roof. Depending on the situation, you may need roof repair or a full replacement, and there are several steps to follow to keep the area safe and mitigate damage. Below is more information about how to react if this happens.

What to Do if a Tree Falls on a Home

1. Stay Safe

Make sure you and your family are safe by finding another location for everyone to stay until roofing contractors can inspect the damage and see what roof repairs are necessary. Gather everyone, check each family member for injuries, and grab medications and clothing before you leave the home. Then, head to a neighbor’s house temporarily.

2. Make Calls

Even if everyone seems fine, call 911 so that authorities can secure the area if power lines have been affected. Medical personnel will also assess the health of everyone.

Then, alert your insurance company about the incident and begin to file a claim. This will help you pay for part or all of the work to restore your property. Take pictures of the damage and create a list of anything inside that was affected and how it happened so that your provider has a complete record.

roof repairAfter this, call a roofing contractor so that they can inspect the damage and recommend the necessary roof repairs. They can also help you stop any further water damage from occurring due to the storm by securing openings with a tarp.

3. Leave Branches & Limbs

Avoid cleaning up tree debris yourself, especially anything on the roof. Even if you think that it is safe, a weakened roof can collapse under the weight of the tree if you step on top of it. Let the roofers handle climbing to the top of the home and cleaning up for repairs. The area may still be wet from the storm or the roof may have hidden structural damage.

4. Lock Up

After making all of the calls, carefully go toward the home and lock any doors. Then, go around the home and check each window for damage, and lock them if you can. Also, if your roofing contractor tells you it’s safe to enter the home, remove any valuables until the project is complete. This includes any significant documents, such as insurance information, bank documents, car and house paperwork, and birth certificates.


If a tree falls on your home and you need roof repairs, call NuVue Products. They serve the Cincinnati, OH, area and are known for their vinyl window services, gutter systems, siding installations, and other options for the exterior of your property. To learn how their expert team can help you with a new roof, call (513) 631-1801. Visit the website for more information about their services.

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