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Why Steak & Red Wine Are a Perfect Match October 20, 2020

Bon Secour, Baldwin
Why Steak & Red Wine Are a Perfect Match, Bon Secour, Alabama

Red wine and red meat have long gone hand in hand. Next time you're at your favorite steakhouse, take a look around; there will no doubt be a number of diners enjoying their steak with a glass of merlot, cabernet, or another rich, robust red. Below, learn why this pairing is so special and whether white wine offers the same magical union.

The Reason for This Popular Pairing

Tannins are astringent compounds found in nature. They are especially abundant in grape skins. When red wine is made, the skins are left on. This means that reds contain more tannins than white wines and, thus, more astringent properties. Astringency is key to understanding why red wine and steak match so well—a relationship that is all about balance.

The astringent property of red wine gives it a rough, dry taste. The fat content of steak gives the meat a silky feeling in the mouth. Following a bite of steak with a mouthful of red wine balances these two ends of the spectrum—the rough and the smooth—to create a pleasant sensory experience.  

What You Need to Know About Steak & White Wine

steakhouseBecause of its lower tannin content, white wine cannot mimic the same pleasing sensation that red wine and steak offers. With that said, some whites can still go well with steak, depending on the cut of the meat and any sauces it might be served with.

For instance, leaner options like a sirloin tip side steak or a top round steak will have a lighter flavor, which can be complemented by a glass of white wine. The same goes for a steak served with a butter sauce, Béarnaise sauce, or even a twist of lemon. Feel free to experiment on your next trip to a steakhouse, and be sure to choose a full-bodied white, like a chardonnay or a mature Riesling.


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