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3 Ideal Flooring Options for Seniors October 9, 2020

Compo-Owenoke Historic District, Westport
3 Ideal Flooring Options for Seniors, Westport, Connecticut

When you age in place, you get to stay in a home you’re comfortable in and don’t have to worry about moving. However, aging comes with some risks, such as tripping and falling, making the flooring in your home particularly important. Below are a few of the best options to consider.

What Flooring Is Best for Seniors?

1. Carpet

Carpet requires some more upkeep than other flooring options because it traps dust and dirt, but it's still a great choice for seniors for several reasons. The material is soft and provides a comfortable setting for those with joint pain or arthritis, and it also stays warm during cold weather to keep your feet at a comfortable temperature. Additionally, carpet isn't slippery, which will decrease your chance of tripping. Even if you do fall, the carpet will soften your impact and lower your risk of injury.

2. Vinyl

flooringVinyl isn't as soft as carpet, so it won't provide as much padding if you fall. However, some companies can place a layer of cork or felt underneath to give some cushion. Vinyl flooring is also an excellent choice for seniors because of its easy maintenance. The material only requires sweeping and light mopping to clean, so you won’t have to bend down low to scrub the surface. It also doesn't stain easily and won't scratch when a walker or wheelchair passes over it.

3. Hardwood

Similar to vinyl, wood flooring doesn't provide padding during a fall. However, placing a large area rug securely over the surface can create some comfort and cushion an impact. Hardwood flooring is also as durable and easy to clean as vinyl, and it's a beautiful option that will increase your home value.


If you’re preparing to age in place and want to install new flooring, reach out to A Better Carpet & Flooring in Southbury, CT. With more than 35 years of experience, these professionals will guide you through the selection and installation process with a wide range of flooring options. Visit their website to see their full inventory, or call (203) 267-7227 to speak with a team member about your needs.

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