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3 Ways to Choose the Best Paint Color for Your Bathroom October 20, 2020

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3 Ways to Choose the Best Paint Color for Your Bathroom, Deep River, Connecticut

If you’re thinking about re-painting your bathroom, there are a few things to consider before contacting a painting contractor. Finding the right combination of colors is a must, whether you want a sleek and modern bathroom or prefer a more natural look. Here are a few methods you can use to create a stunning color palette for your bathroom. 

How Can You Choose the Best Paint Color for Your Bathroom?

1. Complement the Flooring 

If you’re concerned about creating a uniform look in your bathroom, draw color inspiration from existing fixtures. Flooring is the perfect fixture to base paint color on since it has such an overwhelming impact on the style of the space. When using flooring as inspiration, try to keep the two colors somewhat contrasted to ensure visual interest. For example, if you’re matching the paint to a deep-toned hardwood floor, choose a lighter shade for the walls. 

2. Bold the Focal Point

painting contractorNeutral styles are pretty common in bathrooms, but that doesn’t mean bold colors are out of place. The key is to use bold colors strategically so they don’t overwhelm the eye. Choose a wall in the room as your focal point and paint it your preferred bold color, whether that’s electric blue or hot pink. Paint the other walls a neutral color, such as grey or off-white. Now the space has a vibrant visual appeal without appearing too busy. 

3. Stick With Earth Tones

In addition to their homey aesthetic, one of the best things about earth tones is how easy they are to match with other colors. Painting bathroom walls earthy greens or rustic browns provides so much more flexibility when it comes to the color of accents and decor. Earth tones can also have a soothing effect, which renders your bathroom into an oasis of relaxation. 


Now that you have a few color ideas in mind, why not discuss them with a painting contractor? In Deep River, CT, the professionals at LaPlace and Eagan have maintained a respected professional reputation since 1910. Because they’re a family-owned and -operated company, you can also rest assured of quality customer service. In addition to residential interior painting, they also offer other essential home services like power washing, carpentry, home repairs, and more. See the full listing of services online. You can also call (860) 526-5429 to discuss your project with a knowledgeable painting contractor. 

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