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What Electrical Problems Can Impact a Commercial Building? October 16, 2020

Andalusia, Covington
What Electrical Problems Can Impact a Commercial Building?, Andalusia, Alabama

Electricity keeps modern workplaces productive. After all, this power source enables businesses to present slideshows in meetings, keeps office refrigerators cool, connects computers, and provides climate-controlled air. If you manage a commercial building, you must stay aware of how this entire system is working and seek prompt help from an electrician if something is amiss. To help your facility stay powered up, here are five common electrical problems to watch for in the workplace.

5 Common Electrical Issues Found in Commercial Buildings

1. Fire Hazards

Because they put people, products, and property in danger, every building manager must strive to prevent electrical fires. These incidents are often connected to bad wiring or loose connections. Some signs that your building is at risk for electrical fire include buzzing outlets, warm switches, smoldering odors, and sparking connections.   

2. Inefficient Electrical Panels

As a business connects more equipment and hires more staff, the commercial building may not be able to meet increasing electrical demands. When this happens, you’ll typically encounter frequently tripped circuit breakers—especially when all appliances are being put to use at once. Although you can usually reset the breaker to restore power, you’ll need an electrician to upgrade the electrical panel so it can comfortably accommodate current needs.

3. Unstable Lighting

electricianWhen an office light flickers or dims, try to replace the bulb, as it may be dying. If that doesn’t fix the problem, it’s possible that the lighting fixture has bad wiring or was incorrectly installed. Since these lighting issues can reduce productivity and present risk of an electrical fire, the equipment should be assessed and repaired by a licensed professional.

4. Appliance Failure  

Sometimes, electrical problems in the workplace don’t have anything to do with the building’s infrastructure. Instead, they may be directly related to the equipment receiving the power. If your building’s appliances—including HVAC systems and office printers—are overheating, shutting down unexpectedly, or producing burning smells, they may need to be repaired or replaced.

5. Power Outages

Whether due to a massive storm or a grid failure, commercial buildings can be subject to power outages that are outside your control. If you aren’t prepared for these incidents, talk to an electrician about installing a generator. During an outage, this equipment will provide electricity to your workplace to keep your lights on and equipment running.


Supporting commercial clients throughout Covington County, Walker Electric has the resources to address all these common power issues and more. Whether you need HVAC repair or have bad wiring, these licensed electricians will pinpoint the source of the issue and provide swift, safe solutions anywhere around Andalusia, AL. If you’re due for upgrades, count on these professionals to install premium solutions that can also help you save on energy costs.  Visit this electrical contractor online to learn more about their range of services. To request prompt assistance—including 24-hour emergency support—call (334) 222-2481.

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