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3 Simple Tips for Decluttering Before a Move October 7, 2020

Cincinnati, Hamilton
3 Simple Tips for Decluttering Before a Move, Cincinnati, Ohio

Relocation is an exciting but sometimes stressful event. Whether you’re moving across the country or just across town, everything you own will have to be dealt with in one way or another. Purging objects that have become unwanted or unnecessary can streamline the moving process. Here are some guidelines to help you stay on track while you declutter and organize before a move.

How to Effectively Declutter Your Home

1. Break It Down

Attempting to tackle the entire house as one project is overwhelming. Instead, focus on individual rooms and don’t move to the next until the current one is completed. Take breaks between spaces to appreciate your progress.

Set clear objectives, including due dates for finishing each space. Consider coming up with a set number of boxes of clutter to remove. This will provide a tangible goal to accomplish. Thinking of each room as a unique project helps maintain focus.

2. Have a System

relocationDon’t worry about organizing everything perfectly. Preserve momentum by creating large but simple categories like keep, sell, trash, donate, and recycle. Label a bin or bag for each option.

Once the room is complete, dispose of trash and recycling. Remove donations from the house at the end of each day to prevent second-guessing your decisions. Set aside a dedicated storage space for items you’re planning to sell. At the end of the process, hold a garage sale and commit to donating or throwing away anything that isn’t purchased.

3. Track Their Use

It’s hard to give up items that might be wanted again someday. However, hesitating over whether to keep something that only gets used every few years can stop the purge before it begins.

To combat this, track how often items are being used before sorting them. Reverse hanger hooks after wearing items of clothing to demonstrate which pieces you actually wear. Flip books or DVDs backward on their shelf after using them. Knowing that something hasn’t been touched for six months can ease worries about needing it in the future.

If an item has been waiting for repairs for several months, it isn’t worth paying for its relocation. Items that have been forgotten in the attic for years won’t be missed, and donating them can give you peace of mind knowing someone is getting use out of them.


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