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3 Eco-Friendly Ways to Get Rid of an Old Car October 16, 2020

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3 Eco-Friendly Ways to Get Rid of an Old Car, Rochester, New York

When it isn’t disposed of correctly, an old car can be a source of environmental pollution from fuel, oil, and rust. Luckily, there are many ways to prevent contamination and ensure that someone else can get some use out of the vehicle or its parts. Whether the car is scrap metal or still working, use this guide to dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way.

What to Do With an Unwanted Vehicle

1. Sell or Trade It In

If the machine is in working condition, this option is good for the environment and your wallet. When buying a new car from a dealership, wait until after you’ve negotiated a price for the new one to ask about their trade-in policy to get the best deal.

If you’re selling to a private buyer, document the sale with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and remove your license plates to transfer ownership.

2. Donate It

scrap metalMany charities accept cars as donations, auctioning off working models and selling others for scrap metal. This option benefits the community and prevents the hassle of having to find a buyer.

You can even write off the donation on your taxes. However, research the organization’s credentials thoroughly before donating to avoid scams.

3. Take It to a Scrap Yard

Your car is largely made up of steel and aluminum, which are fully recyclable scrap metals. It’s also full of used auto parts that can be used to repair other vehicles.

Scrap yards accept cars in all conditions, including ones that are rusty or don’t run. They may even offer towing services to make the transfer more convenient. With this option, you know the materials will be reused or disposed of responsibly by professionals.


If you’re looking for a scrap yard where you can recycle your old vehicle, choose Metalico Rochester. With three locations throughout New York and a simple online reference system, they make the sale process convenient and fair. Learn more about scrapping vehicles on their website, or call (585) 436-0713 with any questions.

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