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3 Tips for Maintaining Vinyl Windows September 28, 2020

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3 Tips for Maintaining Vinyl Windows, Cincinnati, Ohio

While vinyl windows can last for a long time, they require proper care to ensure you do not need premature replacement windows. This will save you considerable money, as well as keep your home looking beautiful. Below are several strategies to help you care for them. 

How to Improve the Life Span of Vinyl Windows

1. Clean the Frames

While you may think that you only need to polish the glass of the windows, you should also clean the frames surrounding them. This ensures that you do not experience mold growth, as well as prevents rough debris from cracking the vinyl.

To clean the frames, make a solution that is three parts water and one part vinegar. Avoid using harsh chemicals, such as bleach, as they can damage the vinyl and fade the color.

First, rinse the area with water before applying the solution, then use a sponge to remove any buildup. Use clean water to get rid of residual soap, then dry the area with a lint-free cloth. Don’t allow the water to pool in the bottom of the window, as this can cause long-term damage. 

2. Inspect Them Often

Your windows will experience inclement weather, temperature fluctuations, and wear and tear throughout their use. Over time, this can cause damage can that reduces their overall efficiency.

replacement windowsTo prevent window failure, check them often for warps, cracks, and mold. Then, inspect the screens for holes, and look for fogging in the glass. If you identify these issues early, you can usually repair them before the damage worsens, requiring you to invest in replacement windows. 

3. Lubricate the Tracks

Dust, dirt, and debris can accumulate within your window tracks, preventing you from operating the window easily. This buildup can eventually cause your windows to stick completely.

However, you can avoid this by regularly cleaning and lubricating the tracks. First, use a dry cloth to remove any dust on the surface. You can also use a vacuum hose if there is excess dirt and debris. After this, apply a silicone lubricant to a clean rag and wipe it along the track, including the exposed portion of the jamb liner.


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