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A Guide to Commercial Ice Machine Filters October 16, 2020

Moanalua, Honolulu
A Guide to Commercial Ice Machine Filters, Honolulu, Hawaii

The filter in your commercial ice machine improves the quality of the finished product. To make the most of filters for your business’s ice machines, learn more about the benefits and options below. 

Why Ice Machine Filters Are Beneficial

An ice machine filter will correct pre-existing issues with water to safeguard the cubes’ clarity, taste, and smell.

Sediment filters are beneficial for businesses that have issues with gritty water caused by dirt and other particles in the plumbing system. The size of the particles that can seep through the filter depends on the micron rating.

Honolulu-Hawaii-commercial-ice-machineIf hard water is an issue, a phosphate filter might be best. It stops scale buildup from forming by using phosphate molecules to keep calcium and magnesium—two major hard water minerals—from bonding. Eliminating scale will prevent equipment clogs and breakdowns to keep maintenance and repair costs low.

If chlorine is a concern, a carbon filter uses activated carbon to absorb the chemical.  

When to Change the Ice Machine Filter

Keeping up with routine commercial ice machine cleaning and filter changing will boost the health of your business. Providing contaminated ice can spread disease, leading to health code violations and additional penalties that could shutter your business.

To prevent these problems, replace the filter every six months. Wipe down the equipment with antimicrobial products to clean and sanitize the components regularly as well.


If you need a new commercial ice machine, contact the professionals at Pacific Ice Services in Honolulu, HI. In business since 1973, the company sells equipment by leading brands. The technicians are also factory-certified to provide ice machine repair and maintenance for Manitowoc Ice®, Ice-O-Matic®, and other reputable manufacturers. See a complete list of brands the technicians service online, and call (808) 839-6839 for an appointment on Oahu. 

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