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Why Do Drain Fields Fail? October 17, 2020

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Why Do Drain Fields Fail?, Byhalia, Mississippi

Your drain field plays a crucial role in your home’s septic system, allowing for the transfer of wastewater from the tank to the ground, so bacteria can safely eliminate pathogens. Unfortunately, though, these important systems can sometimes fail. The following guide highlights a few reasons why this might occur, so you can quickly diagnose the issue and invest in the needed repairs.

Build-Up of Solids

When you keep up with proper septic system maintenance, solid substances, such as food waste, settle at the bottom of the septic tank once they enter. However, if you don’t pump your tank regularly, build-up may occur, causing the solids to leach into the drain field. Over time, as this issue continues, the solids will create a clog in the field, preventing wastewater from properly moving through the system. Eventually, this will lead to puddles and standing water on your property, which are both a health hazard due to the waste contaminants they contain.

Excessive Water Use

septic systemWhen the drain field is free of any blockages, water can flow easily through the soil. However, you need to allow a reasonable amount of time for the water to pass through. If you’re using your system too frequently, the water will start to back up and create puddles at the top, leading to foul odors and wet grass. The best way to avoid this issue is to practice water conservation when possible. Try not to run too many appliances at once; for example, if someone is taking a shower, don’t run a load of laundry and do the dishes at the same time.

Improper Installation

Septic systems require special pipes to carry and deliver waste from the tank to the drain field. Rather than traditional plumbing pipes, they need perforated pieces to allow for equal distribution of the water. If the pipes were installed improperly or unevenly, the drain field can inevitably back up and fail.


If your septic system is on the fritz, talk to the professionals at A & J Nichols Septic Tank Co. in Byhalia, MS, for assistance. For over 50 years, they’ve provided residents throughout the greater Memphis area with a broad range of services, including septic pumping and emergency repairs. Visit their website to learn more about what they do, or call (662) 838-2945 to schedule an appointment.

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