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How Gutters Can Affect a Home's Roof, Siding, & Windows October 16, 2020

Cincinnati, Hamilton
How Gutters Can Affect a Home's Roof, Siding, & Windows, Cincinnati, Ohio

Old gutters do not drain efficiently. Gutter replacement services keep the roof components functional to sidestep numerous types of exterior damage, including damage to windows and siding. Here, learn how the system responsible for directing rainwater and melting snow away from your roof can inflict damage without the right maintenance or efficient replacement services.

The Damage Old or Broken Gutters Can Cause

If gutters are not cleaned regularly, they become clogged with leaves and other debris. Eventually gutter clogs become so severe that rainwater backs up under roofing shingles instead of flowing away, resulting in water damage and mold growth in the roof decking.

As mold spreads throughout a roof deck, it can cause the structure to partially collapse. Old or damaged gutters with holes or gaps from separated joints allow rainwater and melting snow to drip down the sides of a home, damaging the siding and warping the window frames as they go.

Water that infiltrates siding can cause it to warp depending on the material, such as vinyl or wood, while also creating yet another environment for mold to flourish.

As water pools around the home’s foundation, it can leak into the basement to cause water damage and mold problems. The foundation starts to crack from consistent moisture exposure and freeze-thaw cycles since most foundations are made of concrete, a porous material.

Signs Calling for a Replacement

gutter replacementMusty odors indicating mold growth signal water damage that could be gutter-related. Gutter replacement signs also include brownish stains on interior ceilings and walls from roof and siding leaks, as well as sagging areas on the roof.

Basement water problems such as damage to stored boxes, mold odors, and wall cracks call for gutter replacement services as well.

You may also notice cracks in your home’s foundation when you do a perimeter check. If the window frames are affected, they will become difficult to open and close, and might feature gaps that cause heat losses and gains.

Ways to Maintain Your New Gutters

Keep your new gutter system functional by cleaning it twice a year or more if you reside in a wooded area. Cleaning prevents clogs from becoming serious and helps deter insects and animals.

Also, consider installing gutter guards to reduce the amount of debris entering the drainage system every day.

Inspect your new gutters every few months for missing hardware that causes joints to detach. Always check the system after a severe storm and during early spring since ice deposits cause the metal to rust and weaken. 


Request gutter replacement services from Ford & Son Roofing, the family-owned business serving Cincinnati, OH, and the surrounding 40-mile radius since 1945. All services come with a 20 to 30-year labor warranty. Call (513) 231-1600 today for a free estimate or visit the roofing company online for more information. See their latest work on Facebook.


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