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4 Easy Ways Animals Can Get Into Your Home October 21, 2020

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4 Easy Ways Animals Can Get Into Your Home, New Milford, Connecticut

It's common for mice, squirrels, bats, and even raccoons to get into homes seeking warmth or food, prompting owners to call for animal removal services. If this happens regularly, you may want to figure out how they're getting in. Below are several places in your home that could be contributing to your need for wildlife removal.

How Do Animals Get Into Homes?

1. Open Crawlspaces

Ensure access points to your home's crawlspace are blocked off when you're not down there. The open area under your home often houses insulation, ductwork, and plumbing that can heat the space and make it appealing to animals, but they can also damage all of these structures. Wildlife can also find gaps around pipes or ductwork and get into your home that way.

2. Chimneys & Roof Vents

animal removalA chimney is an excellent way for squirrels and birds to get into your home, especially if it hasn't been maintained. Under good conditions, the chimney has a cap on it or flaps inside—and sometimes both—to keep animals out. However, if these features get damaged, it's easy to access your home. The vents that cool your attic space also have this problem, and sometimes mice, squirrels, and bats can get in by chewing through the material.

3. Damaged Roofing

Openings in your roof created by missing shingles or damaged metal are also prime entry points for wildlife. This damage isn't always visible from the ground, so it's worth it to have it inspected regularly. Even small openings, such as peeling materials or worn seals around chimneys or vents, can create opportunities for critters to get in.

4. Attic Gaps

Sometimes, a gap is left around your roof, called a construction gap. Although this space is usually sealed off with metal flashing, it can become damaged or loosened over time, allowing squirrels and mice in. If you're able to see daylight through cracks or gaps when you're standing in your attic, have a contractor close the space, so you're less likely to need animal removal.


If you find yourself needing nuisance wildlife removal, American Bio-Tech Wildlife Services in New Milford, CT, can help. Since 1971, they’ve trapped and relocated pests humanely, while also taking steps to prevent their return. Their nuisance wildlife control services include chimney capping and damage repair from licensed craftsmen. To learn more about their animal removal services, visit them online. To schedule an appointment today, call (860) 355-1231.

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