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4 Safety Tips for Water Damage Cleanup October 17, 2020

St Louis County,
4 Safety Tips for Water Damage Cleanup, ,

Water damage in your home contributes to several problems like mold, mildew, and deterioration. To prevent costly expenses, it’s important to act quickly and safely to protect your house. Here are some ways to begin your home’s clean up and prepare for water damage restoration.

How to Get Ready for Water Damage Restoration

1. Disconnect the Power

Before doing anything else, turn off the electricity in the area where standing water is. You may not know the extent of the damage, but your appliances could cause additional harm when wet. To prevent electrical shock or electrocution, unplug and remove your electronics immediately.

2. Determine the Source

water damage restorationNext, check the water’s appearance for clues as to where it originated. Clean, clear water is safe to handle because it comes from leaky pipes or flooding from heavy rain and isn’t contaminated. Gray water comes from dishwashers, washing machines, and other appliances. It is most likely cloudy and may be slightly contaminated, but not harmful to handle. Blackwater, though, is from sewers and contains sewage or hazardous chemicals and should only be handled by a professional.

3. Dry the Area

If there’s a low to moderate amount of water, try to remove as much of it as possible to prevent mold growth. Mop and blot the area to soak up the remaining moisture and pour out the water in your yard or another permeable location. Use fans and a dehumidifier to circulate air, and open your windows to permit additional airflow. You should also remove damp items from the area and use a wet/dry vacuum to remove moisture from area rugs and carpeting.

4. Disinfect Household Items

Once you’re done drying the affected area, it’s time to sanitize. Doing this lessens the risk of harmful bacteria and mold growth. While there are many disinfectants on the market, bleach is an excellent option since it will disinfect areas and prevent mold spores from growing. 


Protect your home and family from harmful flooding and leaks. Apex Restoration provides 24/7 storm, fire, and water damage restoration services across St. Louis, MO, including mold remediation, utility shut-offs, and sanitization. Their technicians will work with your insurance provider to save you money. Visit their website for a complete list of services, or call (314) 614-4822 to make an appointment.

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