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Why You Should Reserve a Spot at an RV Park Right Away September 28, 2020

Pinellas Park, Pinellas
Why You Should Reserve a Spot at an RV Park Right Away, Pinellas Park, Florida

The COVID-19 pandemic started making considerable waves throughout the U.S. around springtime. As a result, many Americans had to cancel their summer plans, from trips abroad to outdoor music festivals. However, there are other resourceful alternatives, like staycations and RV trips. Using a recreational vehicle allows you to experience a memorable vacation, whether you’re camping in the wilderness or enjoying the amenities of an RV park. Here’s a quick look at why these trips are pandemic-friendly, and why you should book sooner than later.

A Guide to RV Trips & COVID-19

Why It Pays to Take an RV Vacation During the Pandemic

With the new 6-foot social distancing guidelines in place, bustling beaches, resorts, and amusement parks have become questionable for vacations. However, renting an RV provides space for just you and your closest loved ones. Whether you’re hitting the road with your spouse and kids or friends, you can enjoy total peace of mind knowing you won’t be at risk of contracting the virus from hotel staff or guests.

With many national parks reopening, you can witness breathtaking views and relaxing locations from the safe confines of your camper. You’ll also have access to other outdoor recreational activities, such as swimming, fishing, and hiking.

An RV park reservation is much more affordable than a standard resort stay, allowing you to be frugal during these uncertain times. If you don’t have an RV, you can rent one for a reasonable rate, and your crew can save additional money cooking in the onboard kitchen. Whether you’re traveling as a senior couple or new parents, an RV vacation can accommodate adventure seekers of all ages, making it the perfect solution for families experiencing pandemic-related cabin fever.

Why You Should Make a Reservation Now

rv parkMany adventure-seekers are catching onto the benefits of these trips, causing RV parks to fill up fast. Some parks are also serving as temporary homes for frontline workers. These individuals may have been called into hospitals and testing centers out of town, or they could be self-quarantining to protect their loved ones. Booking now will not only ensure a perfect and affordable spot for your trip but will also keep you from being turned away at your destination because the park is at capacity.

If you need to rent an RV, it’s even more important to act urgently. Since many showrooms are closed—or open, but at limited capacity—you may need to make an appointment or book a vehicle over the phone.


When you’re ready to make a reservation for your next vacation, turn to Robert's Mobile Home and RV Resort. This St. Petersburg, FL, RV park has been a haven for vacationers for over 60 years, whether they’re looking for a quick getaway or a home away from home. They offer internet access, a 24-hour bathhouse, and electric hookups so you relax without going completely off the grid. Visit them online to learn more about their amenities, and call (727) 577-6820 to schedule a reservation.

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