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3 Benefits of Telehealth September 7, 2020

Lorain, Lorain
3 Benefits of Telehealth, Lorain, Ohio

Mental health professionals are dedicated to providing the best care possible to their patients. Due to COVID-19, many in need of counseling have been unable to seek help when they need it most. However, telehealth allows individuals to have private video sessions with experienced counselors from the patient's home. Whether combating addiction or emotional setbacks, you will have access to the compassionate care you need. 

How Does Telehealth Improve the Lives of Patients? 

1. Increases Access

Finding substance use or mental health counseling is easier for those living in large towns or cities. Unfortunately, those living in rural or remote areas may need to travel long distances for help. Traveling itself can also be challenging for those who are housebound or in a correctional facility. Telehealth removes these geographical limitations. Patients can seek the help they need through their electronic devices. Counselors and patients will have clear, real-time, and face-to-face sessions from any location. 

Eliminating travel time also allows for a more open schedule. Patients can see a counselor on break at work, at home, or even on vacation. 

2. Reduces Wait-Time

CounselingThere isn't a schedule on how people feel. Those who are struggling would have to take the time to find counselors within their area. In that location, they'd have to narrow the list down to those who are accepting new patients. It can often be days or even weeks before there's an open appointment, leaving those who are struggling to wait. Telehealth removes geographical limitations and long waits. More providers are adopting telehealth, making themselves available whenever patients need them.

3. Eliminates Stigma

Approximately 60 million people in the United States are experiencing personal difficulties, but 40% of those individuals don't seek treatment. Many adults feel that they would be viewed negatively by peers if they were to be discovered receiving counseling. Some parents are worried that seeking mental health treatments for their adolescents would cause others to judge them. While these views are unfounded, it has kept many from receiving effective therapy. 

Telehealth reduces stigma by enhancing privacy. By having remote appointments, patients will not worry about someone seeing them entering a counselor's office.

The role that environment plays is also a factor. Most people feel uncomfortable in a clinical setting. This discomfort can make it harder for individuals to express themselves. Remote appointments from home allow patients to feel more at ease since they're in a familiar setting. Remaining calm and comfortable can help patients open up to their counselor sooner and receive an effective treatment earlier. 


For those in Lorain, OH and Wadsworth, OH, who need counseling, The LCADA Way has remained open during COVID-19. Whether you prefer in-person sessions or using telehealth, an empathetic ear is available. They are offering both group and individualized telehealth options.  If you prefer in-person, they are following CDC guidelines to protect patients and staff.  For nearly 40 years, their professionals have helped adolescents and adults treat their mental health or substance use disorders. By providing a customized treatment plan, patients will uncover root causes and be given the tools they need to overcome their difficulties. To learn more about their locations and services, visit them online or call (440) 989-4900. 

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